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Rogan Josh

Unleash Rosemary in this Shank Dish

Pork with Panache

Pork with Anchovies

Stunning Beef Stew with Sage

Herbed Fillet of Beef

Tarted up Roast Pork & Apples

Harrys Bacon & Egg Pie

Egg & Bacon Cases

Pork & Beef meatballs with Mozzarella

Spiced Mustard Chicken

Pasta, Noodles and Rice

Lloyd's Indian Style Rice

Lloyd's Lasagne

Rice with a hint of Sage

Bottled Spaghetti

Chris's Busy Day Bacon & Pine Nut Pasta


Quince Paste No 2

Passion Fruit Pulp Preserved

Peter Gordon's Roasted Feijoa Chutney

Bottle Stone & Pip Fruits

Fig & Ginger Jam

Quince Paste

Lime Marmalade as made by Pete

Damson Plum Jam

Marmalade with Wheeney Grapefruit

Felicity's Seville Marmalade

Lois Daish marmalade

Red Capsicum & lime Marmalata


Grilled Fennel Salad


Caesar Salad

Warm Potato Salad with Salad Burnet Viniagrette Dr

Broccoli salad

Lloyd's Roast Beet Salad


Lloyd's Salmon with Kaffir Lime & Salsa

Hot Fish Soup for Cool Evenings

Smoked Salmon Cabonara

Pasta with Scallops & Prawns


Eggplant & Mixed Pepper Soup

Lettuce Soup

Watercress, Kumara & Potato Soup

Lloyd's Pumpkin, bacon & shallot soup

Parsley Soup


Maryjane's Lemon Delicious

Feijoa & Pear Muffins

Forgotten Cookies

Yvonne's Chocolate Cake

Espresso Biscotti

Pete's Feijoa Cake

Orange & Date Muffins

Apple Cake

Lemonade Scones

Polenta Lemon Cake

Microwave Lemon Honey

Lemon Vodka Martini Granita

Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffins

Lytteltons Apricot Macaroon Cake

Louise Cake

Brandy Pot

Rhubarb Pie

Jackie's Zucchini Loaf

Cheese Cakes

Feijoa Nut Crumble

Raspberry & Coconut slice

Anthony's Fail Proof Chocolate Cake

Jeanettes Apple Crumble

Ginger & Feijoa Cake

Persimmon Pudding Cake

Orange & Almond Cake

Key Lime Pie

Mums Pineapple Cheese Cake

Fig & Orange Tart

Annabel Langbein's Lightening Cake

Lemon Coconut Slice from Little & Friday by Kim

Wayne Good's Famous Mince Pies

Alison Holst`s Dutch Apple Cake

Marees's Mandarin Cake

Joys Banana Caramel

Rhubarb Muffins made by Pete

Maple Rhubarb Pie Crumble

Great Grandmas Pavlova

Almond Pear & Chocolate Cake

Persimmon CheeseCake

Overnight Xmas Cake

Sue's Plum & White Chocolate Shortcake



Slow Cooked Fennel

Broccoli with Mustard Seeds

Potato & Sorrel Gratin

Mash them Not

Jim's Tempura Mix

Tapenade Chargrilled Vegetables

Zesty Cauliflower Spiced with Coriander & Garlic

A Classy Thing to do with Spuds

Rosemary & silverbeet

Rosemary Roast

Ravishing Ratatouille

Anthonys Silverbeet Roulade

Zucchini Pickle

Delcie's Zucchini Fritters

Green Pepper Sauce

Lloyd' Fresh Bean Salad

Zucchini Tacos

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